Nightingale wins Bespoke Office Chair Manufacturer of the Year


Nightingale is excited to announce its success in the 2021 Canadian Business Awards after being named Bespoke Office Chair Manufacturer of the Year by Corporate Vision.  

Notable past winners of this award are the University of Toronto, Bruce Power, Molson Coors and the Ontario Science Centre. Nightingale is pleased to be named alongside these and many other distinguishable Canadian companies.

This win marks Nightingale’s third consecutive year earning this distinction from the Canadian Business Awards. This renewed recognition motivates the company to continue innovating, creating and delivering the highest quality products to its customers. 

The Canadian Business Awards judging panel examines companies based on their industry expertise, dedication to client satisfaction and an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. Winning this award exposes Nightingale to more local businesses along with Corporate Vision’s 155,000 subscribers.

Nightingale is thrilled to be recognized as the Bespoke Office Manufacturer of the Year by Corporate Vision for the 2021 Canadian Business Awards.