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MHEC Contract # MC12-C07 issued to Nightingale Corp.


  1. This is to summarize the details of the above contract for the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC).
  2. As of January 1st 2021, items offered are found in the Nightingale USA Price Book 2019
  3. This contract is valid until July 31st 2024


Discounts and Processing


Nightingale is pleased to offer MHEC members the following discount on all products as outlined in the Nightingale 2019 USA Pricer as per following categories:


Seating:  Administrative, Bariatric, Cafeteria/Dining, Classroom, Lab, Library, Lounge, Miscellaneous


Discount Off List Price 

50% off list price

55% off list price on orders over $10,000

60% off list on orders over $50,000


Installation Fees:

1-5 Cartons: Minimum $20 per chair

Guest Chairs:  6 plus cartons $10.00 per chair

Task etc. Chairs:  6 plus cartons $15.00 per chair


Freight Terms:

1-5 Cartons:  Shipped Prepaid and Charge Dock to Dock

6 plus Cartons:  Shipped Prepaid No Charge Dock to Dock


Nightingale is pleased to offer the following terms for the MHEC contract. As Nightingale desires to do business with MHEC, the following procedure would apply.


  1. All MHEC purchase orders should be issued to Nightingale directly in care of the local Nightingale authorized dealer.
  2. Nightingale will ship the order directly to the ordering agency (providing they have a shipping dock) or directly to the local dealer who deliver and install the order for an additional charge as per the installation rates notes above. Nightingale will invoice the MHEC member directly. Nightingale will also accept MHEC purchasing cards for payment.


Should any MHEC agency have any questions about the contract with Nightingale or Nightingale products in general, please contact Anna Marto via email @ or by phone @ 1-800-363-8954 x 303.