Nightingale Named Canada's Greenest Employer


Nightingale has been recognised by Canada’s Top 100 Employers as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2020.

Canada’s Greenest Employers evaluates companies that have developed exceptional sustainability initiatives and their success in reducing the organization’s carbon footprint. Companies are also evaluated on the degree that the employees are involved and the extent to which these initiatives have become linked to their public identity.

Nightingale’s award-winning environmental ‘zero-waste’ initiative is to be as carbon-neutral as possible. Nightingale is an off-the-grid company, powered by solar and wind energy. The corner-of piece of Nightingale’s environmental commitment to zero waste is the ‘land-fill sucks’ policy. Within Nightingale’s manufacturing process, no waste is produced. Excess, or end-of-lifespan materials are either repurposed or reused. Nightingale also uses recycled fabric and metal in the production of its chairs. By engaging in these practices, old materials become new resources for the company.

As part of Nightingale’s continuing commitment to the environment, Nightingale offers various products that are certified by the Healthier Hospitals Initiative.

“Nightingale’s team of employees are committed to making a difference by creating quality ergonomic products that are good for your body and for the planet” notes President Ed Breen.

This designation is an acknowledgement of Nightingale’s dedication to the environment and leading the industry to create a sustainable future. Nightingale is proud to have been named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers 2020.

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