Nightingale introduces new textiles program


Nightingale has developed a fresh and exciting new textile carding program to enhance the colors, textures and choices available on its award winning seating designs. 

Nightingale is pleased to introduce a cooperative program with some of the biggest names in the custom textile marketplace. Each of these companies have worked with Nightingale to develop custom textile cards that feature some of their most popular patterns and color ways. But as convenient as these new cards are to selecting designer textiles, we are now completing a grade-in program on the ENTIRE product line from each brand. Through our alignment with these industry leaders, Nightingale is making it easier than ever for your customer to order the textiles you want on virtually any Nightingale seating model or soft seating model.  All you need to do is specify what you want whether from the custom card or from any other pattern within each vendors extensive offering - and Nightingale will do the rest. This new textile program is extremely simple and streamlined; you can provide exactly what your customer desires and do so at modest costs.

Nightingale’s updated textile program includes the following collections:  Solid, Pattern, Stretch, Leather Plus, PVC Free, Princess Leather, Foundation/Heavenly, and Classic.  All colors and textile choices are readily accessible via the website where you can request memo samples and find technical specification on each textile choice.