EC6® Selected for Interior Design’s 2020 Best of Year Product Award


Nightingale’s EC6® is a 2020 Interior Design Best of Year Conference Seating Product Award finalist. Nightingale is ecstatic that its EC6® Series has been selected out of thousands of nominees to possibly receive Interior Design’s prestigious and coveted Best of Year Product Award. 

Interior Design's Best of Year is the design industry's premiere design awards program, honoring the most significant work of the year as well as recognizing designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe. The Best of Year Award has become the ultimate measure of excellence, showcasing what’s happening today in every category of design while simultaneously setting the bar even higher for the future. 

About the EC6® Series

Inspired by the 1960s aesthetic and modern office spaces, the EC6® has a sleek, powerful shape that is stunning in any office space. Cushioned and luxurious, the EC6® gives you the support you need to focus on your work. Its straight-forward controls, innovative adjustable lumbar support, and optional dual-tone upholstery keep you in charge.