General Stream Supply Arrangement :Office Seating Rotary Chairs, Stools and Side Chairs

E60PQ-120001/031/PQ  Office Seating issued to Nightingale Corp

Government Buyers



1.  This is to summarize the details of the Office Seating Supply Arrangement under Sub Category1- Rotary Chairs and Stools and Category 2- Side Chairs. 


2.  As of June 5th 2020, items offered on this Supply Arrangement are the following series of chairs Bless, Malibu, Frio, Ergo Learn, IC2, CXO, VXO, VXO Stools, MXO, EC1, EC2, WXO, WXO Stool Series, EXO, Khroma, Amalfi, NLC, Presider, Tonik, Ultima II, Surgeon, 24/7hd, Firefly, Beetle, Cricket, EC4, NXO, OXO,LXO .


3.  A minimum discount per series as detailed above is the discount Nightingale is providing under this SA and will be referred to as Percentage off List Price. Under this contract, the minimum percentage off list to Government Buyers is 50%.


4. The fabrics offered include a minimum of 10 solid colors and 5 patterned offerings. These fabrics have 100% recycled content as mandated by PWGSC. For color and pattern selection, please refer to the Nightingale web site at


5.  The federal government uses a specific Purchase Order form to place orders under the Supply Arrangement. The Purchase Order is made out to Nightingale Corp., in care of the Nightingale Authorized Dealer listed on the SA, and must show the chair model number, fabric color selected, net price, freight charge and the installation charge as a separate line item.


6.  IU’s (Identified Users) will procure based upon 3 Tiers. An IU is any Federal Government agency OR Crown Corporation.


For Tier 1, the TAV (Total Aggregate Value is between $2,001 and $24,999.99 and requires the IU can request a verbal or written quote or Standard Procurement Templates can be used. The IU can issue contracts using an Acquisition card. 


For Tier 2, the TAV is between $25,000 and $400,000.  Solicitation is posted on GETS and all conforming suppliers meeting the requirement have opportunity to submit a bid. The IU must publish Notice of Proposed Procurement (NPP) and the solicitation on GETS. 


For Tier 3, the TAV is over $400,000. The IU will publish a request for bid on GETS regarding Notices of Planned Procurements (NPP) and submit a bid accordingly.


7.  Freight delivery charges are based on being prepaid and charge and are to be listed as a separate line item on the purchase order.


8.  Installation charges are to be quoted on an order by order basis and listed as a separate line item on the purchase order.


9.  Nightingale will produce, ship and invoice for the goods, freight and installation charges, carry the receivable and collect payment.


10.  Delivery and installation will be carried during normal working hours, e.g. 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.