Florida Contract

State of Florida Contract # 420-420-10-1 issued to Nightingale Corp.


  1. This is to summarize the details of the above contract for the State of Florida Contract.
  2. As of October 04, 2016 items offered are found in the Nightingale GSA Net Price Book Dated July 1, 2016

Contract Details for Government buyers

  1. All State purchase order should be issued to Nightingale care of the local Nightingale authorized dealer.
  2. Freight terms are: for 1-5 cartons, FOB Factory; For 6+ cartons, FOB Delivered.
  3. Nightingale will ship the order direct to the ordering agency (providing they have a shipping dock) or direct to the local dealer who delivers and install the product.
  4. Nightingale will invoice the state agency directly. Nightingale  will accept state purchasing cards for payment
  5. Only product listed in the Nightingale GSA Net Price Book Dated July 1, 2016, applies to this contract.
  6. Installation fee as follows:

1-7 units:             $175 total install charge

8-15 units:           $35 install charge per chair

16-24 units:         $30 install charge per chair

25-49 units:         $27 install charge per chair

50-99 units:         $25 install charge per chair

100+ units:          $20 install charge per chair

  1. Pricing: Please refer to Nightingale GSA Net Price Book dated July 01, 2016. All terms and conditions same as GSA.

Should any state agency have any questions about the contract with Nightingale or Nightingale products in general, please contact either of the following Nightingale Sales representatives.


Eastern Florida

Attention: Stu Culley

Culley & Assoc.

(407) 493-5731



Western Florida (incl. Tallahassee)

Attention: Steve Culley

Culley & Assoc.

(407) 493-4227



Florida Panhandle

Attention: Jeremy Anderson

MVK Group

(205) 240-6400



In the event you are unable to reach either sales representative as noted above, please contact

Nightingale Customer Care direct to: