Florida Contract

State of Florida Contract # 420-420-10-1



Nightingale has agreed to continue to honor Contract #420-420-10-1 based on the Nightingale   Commercial USA Price List 2018.

Should any state agency have any questions about the contract with Nightingale or Nightingale products in general, please contact  Anna Marto (Bid Desk Manager) at 1-800-363-8954 x 303 or by email at anna@nightingalechairs.com or Customer Care at 1-800-363-8954 or by email at customercare@nightingalechairs.com .

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Please contact Egon Szenttamasy at egon@nightingalechairs.com / 1-800-363-8954 x239 or info@nightingalechairs.com / 1-800-363-8954