October is National Ergonomics Month

As an award-winning ergonomic seating manufacturer, nothing scares us more than the thought of people sitting in chairs that are not ergonomic or comfortable. Celebrate National Ergonomics Month by embracing the power of ergonomic design.

What is it? – Ergonomics refers to human engineering and how objects can be designed to best encourage safe human interaction. An ergonomic chair is one that is designed to best support the human body. These designs consider posture, comfort, support and overall user health. 

Why is it Important? – An ergonomic chair will be highly adjustable to ensure the user is properly held and receives the best sitting experience possible. Adjustable lumbar support, seat height, width and depth, swivel tilt, 4D adjustable arms and a waterfall seat are some of the many ergonomic qualities that Nightingale’s seating products boast.

Why you should celebrate? – Once you sit in a properly designed chair you will realize the importance of ergonomics. A highly adjustable ergonomic chair will allow you to comfortably get through your day without having to constantly adjust mechanisms or be distracted by any muscle pain or body aches.

This October when you trick-or-treat, choose to treat yourself to a proper ergonomic seating solution. Visit www.nightingalechairs.com to view our large selection of high-quality ergonomic chairs.

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