Nightingale Mesh: ABLEX™ and Nebula™

Not all mesh is the same and Nightingale’s unique ABLEX™ and Nebula™ mesh technologies stand out from the rest. Keep reading to learn about these distinctive mesh offerings.

ABLEX™: This translucent weave pattern offers tremendous tensile strength; resulting in superior lumbar support and side-to-side torso flex movement. The monofilament rubberized coating on the polyester mesh enables its “bounce back” memory. Air flows freely through this mesh to offer added comfort in any environment. Nightingale attaches ABLEX™ mesh to the frame to provide the chair with a pre-set tension. ABLEX™ responds to the weight and shape of each user to deliver the exact amount of tension required to provide generous lumbar support while allowing for dynamic movement. 

ABLEX™ mesh is featured on Nightingale’s Bless, CXO, GXO, LXO, MXO, OXO, WXO, and SXO chairs.

Nebula™: Boasting many of the same ergonomic user benefits as ABLEX™, Nebula™ differentiates itself by being a dual mesh that is interwoven with a 4-way stretch fabric. Using this on the back of your chair allows air to pass freely, making it comfortable in all environments. Nebula™ mesh allows for dynamic movement, so it effortlessly supports the user as they move throughout the day. 

Find the ultra-breathable Nebula™ mesh on the following Nightingale chairs: IC2, EXO, and VXO. 

Please notes that Nightingale’s ABLEX™ and Nebula™ mesh options are available in either Black or Silver. Black mesh is standard, where Silver is an upgrade. However, Silver mesh comes standard when ordering a white frame.