The Importance of Ergonomic Seating in Training Environments

Did you know that the more stagnant a training environment is the less engaged and receptive your audience will be? Sitting in a rigid immobile chair results in poor blood circulation and muscle fatigue which negatively impacts concentration and memory. Couple that with the distractions of an uncomfortable chair and it is apparent that proper ergonomic seating is necessary for successful training and meeting spaces.

Nightingale’s NXO is a versatile stacking and nesting chair that effortlessly combines comfort with a pronounced engaging design. Its supportive dual hexagonal torsion bar system with preset tension creates the chair’s oscillating back which allows for dynamic movement that supports the natural curve of your spine. This design delivers exceptional ergonomic support and comfort.

The NXO also features enhanced seating comfort with our standard Enersorb™ foam in the seat, dispersing weight and pressure points, vertically and horizontally. The NXO is lightweight, easy to move and its smooth carpet casters allow users to be active and move freely.

This feature will keep users focused and involved throughout training sessions. Its folding seat allows the chair to infinitely nest horizontally and stack vertically up to 3 chairs high.

The NXO has the following optional features: mirror chrome legs, hard surface casters, floor glides, fold-away tablet arm for the right- or left-hand side and upholstered or mesh back. With such customizable options and space smart design, the NXO is a unique stacking chair that is sure to enhance your corporate training space