Get to Know the GXO

The GXO is a sturdy guest chair with a thick foam seat and flexible back that moves with you for ultimate dynamic support. The GXO is solid, versatile and available in a wide range of bold colored upholstery options, making it the ideal guest chair for any work environment.

The GXO’s ergonomically designed fixed short arms with polyurethane pads provide support while allowing easy access in and out of the chair. The seat comes standard with ENERSORB™ foam which ergonomically disperses your weight, conforms to your body to relive pressure points and reverts to its original form afterward, making it universally comfortable for all users. The seat also boasts a waterfall design which gently slopes to reduce muscle fatigue and promote good posture. The GXO far surpasses the comfort levels and ergonomic standards that are usually seen in guest seating options.

Guests are further indulged by the chair’s curved back that provides proper ergonomic support and comfort. In addition, the ABLEX™ mesh backing moves with the user and allows air to pass freely, keeping guests cool and comfortable in all environments.

The GXO’s durable, reinforced steel legs with adjustable, non-marking floor glides offer unmatched stability while being gentle on floor surfaces. The GXO’s strength is furthered by its unique anti-slip angled rear legs.

You can customize your GXO with optional chrome legs and/or silver mesh backing.

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