Arkansas Contract


Arkansas State Contract Procedures

Nightingale is pleased to offer the following terms for the State of Arkansas SP-13-0230R. This contract will expire December 31, 2019. As part of the contract, the follow procedure would apply.

  1. All State purchase orders should be issued to Nightingale care of the local Nightingale Authorized Dealer.
  2. Nightingale will ship the order direct to the ordering agency (providing they have a shipping dock) or direct to the local Dealer who will then deliver and install the order. If the order is shipping directly to the State agency it is the responsibility of the local Nightingale Authorized Dealer as noted on the Purchase Order. Nightingale will invoice the State agency directly in order to receive payment. Nightingale will also accept State purchasing cards for the payment of small orders.
  3. The Nightingale USA price list dated June 2018 | V1 applies to this contract.
  4. The discount to the State will be as listed below:
    1. Tier 1 - $1 - $10K – list price less 50%
    2. Tier 2 - $10,001 - $25K – list price less 55%
    3. Tier 3 - $25,001 - $100K – list price less 60%
    4. Tier 4 - $100K+ - please contact Nightingale
  5. Should any state agency have any questions about the contract with Nightingale or Nightingale products in general, please contact Egon Szenttamasy at or Customer Care at